Undergraduate admissions look to be flourishing

It seems like for the past few years, Medaille has boasted nothing but increasing numbers in terms of enrollment. It has become common to hear about record-breaking incoming freshman classes as the college increases its reputability within the community. But will the economic difficulties that our country is currently facing affect this growth?

According to Greg Florczak, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Undergraduate Admissions, the proactive approach that Medaille has taken in response to the current economic situation seems to be paying off. “We’re on the same path as we were a year ago,” said Florczak. “Last year we brought in our largest class ever and we retained the most students that we had ever retained in the history of the school. This year versus last year, we’re seeing similar trends.” Continue reading


Appreciation for natural beauty seems nonexistent

These days, it’s no surprise why girls of all ages have issues with body image. Society’s definition of “beauty” can be found on TV screens and magazine pages all across the world, promoting the idea that to be beautiful, you have to be skinny, flawless, and basically perfect. The thing that most girls don’t realize is that the media is, in a sense, false advertising.

Though I scrounged around trying to find exact numbers, I was unsuccessful; but I can only guess that a very small percentage of the images you see in magazines and on television are unedited. What’s really unfortunate is that young girls, in particular, don’t realize that the majority of the photos they see are digitally enhanced; they are tricked into believing that people can actually look like that. Continue reading


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INcite Magazine

INcite magazine is proud to present our spring 2009 “green edition”
with a kick-off event featuring

Cornelius B. Murphy Jr., Ph.D.
President, State University of New York
College of Environmental Science & Forestry, Syracuse, New York

Dr. Murphy is an expert in the areas of environmental science and engineering management, hazardous waste management, environmental assessment, renewable energy systems, limnology, urban runoff planning, and industrial wastewater treatment.

During this interactive event, we will look at essential green technology leadership opportunities for Niagara Region businesses, academic institutions, government and industry; explore trends in the marketplace and where commercial opportunities can be created through green technologies; and discuss ways to analyze the potential of sustainable ventures and critical success factors.

A reception will follow in the Main Building lobby.
Food and drinks will be provided.
All who attend will be registered to win a green iPod shuffle.
This event is FREE and open to the community.
Come pick up the newest issue of INcite Magazine! Are you IN?

Fans of all ages drool over Meyer’s vampire series

It’s a sure sign that if you haven’t heard of the ever popular Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, you have probably been living under a rock. As each day passes, the series only continues to grow in popularity, with readers all over the world falling in love with the love story of Edward and Bella.

“It’s not like any other love story. It’s so different, so unexpected,” said Brittany Jardine, a freshman veterinary technology major. “The fans love the connection Bella and Edward had from the very beginning. I think most of us envy that… we all want that kind of relationship.” Continue reading

Technological advancements can hold us back

I’m probably too young to be able to say this, but times have changed since I was kid. Sure, I’ve never known what it’s like to go without televisions, computers and cell phones, but it seems to me that technology has become so commonplace nowadays that children are missing out on valuable childhood experiences.

When I was growing up, I spent most of my time outside playing, as long as the weather permitted. Even when I didn’t want to, my parents told me I needed to “get the stink blown off of me,” and outside I went. All the kids on our street would gather and play hide and seek, running across the span of our yards, getting what most kids these days don’t: exercise. Continue reading


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